Patience, Patience, Patience

"The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. Instead He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance".
-2 peter 3:9-

My wife and I moved in June. Right now I'm in a new place, in a new position, in a new season of life. When we moved, I had a lot of grand plans and visions that I have for what things could be at my new job. But even after almost half a year it's evident that a lot of these plans are going to take a lot more time, effort, and patience than I would like to admit.
God is a God of patience and timing. As you read through the Bible, you begin to see more and more that God is always working towards the restoration and reconciliation of all things. You see that Jesus is always present in a plan that unfolds over years and centuries.

This song lyric from Hillsong's Seasons exemplifies this idea so perfectly. A sequoia is one of the largest of trees, and yet takes a long time to grow. God is long-suffering, patient, and willing to wait until the exact right time for plans to unfold and arrive. The seed planted as Jesus was born in the little town of Bethlehem grew into the pivotal point of all human history as Jesus hung on the cross. As we go through life, we have the opportunity to join God's work of restoration in the world. It's a beautiful and wonderful thing, and it requires much patience.  I continue to see how God wants me to lead these students, and I know that the plans laid will sometimes not see fruit until even long after I'm gone. But to be faithful and to follow along is the call. Living a life in submission to God's work and timing means recognizing that, while we won't always see where things are going, we can be confident in what God has called us to for the moment. What would happen if we took a step towards patience? What does it look like to allow God to work in His timing without trying to control the outcome? What does it mean to be faithful in the process rather than lamenting a lack of progress?

While you go about this week, think about a couple areas in life that you are trying to rush through. What are some steps you can take to slow down and give control back to God?

It's a good thing to be patient. God understands time better than we do. He isn't slow. He answers prayers and moves and is at work exactly where and when He needs to be. All we are called to do is to listen and respond to His movement.


  1. An excellent reminder! Thankful we can actively trust even if we can't see what God is doing! I visited my home church in California recently, and the pastor's sermon was on the faithfulness of God. The church was started in 1849 (!) and God called the pastor and his wife who were on the East Coast to move to this dirty little town in California that did not have a good reputation. The pastor and his wife said no - repeatedly - to God, but finally after God worked in the hearts of both of them, they said yes to God and started a church in San Francisco. Their first service was one month before news of gold in their area hit the East Coast - and thus the expansion of the city that is still going strong. The current pastor emphasized "What man did not know, God knew" and encouraged us to continue on even if we can't see what's next. I've thought of that often - about how I can look back and see how God was working so many times while I was unaware - and eventually the results of that work became apparent. I'm excited for you and your plans for the church where you are now!!!

    1. PS: The pastor and his wife who said no to God (mentioned above) were the founding pastor and his wife in 1849. Not the current pastor :)


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